FNQ Titles 6 Aside Competition 
Cairns Tobruk pool April 29th 2018

Toowoomba 4's Competition

Toowoomba June 29th 2018

Toowoomba Juniors Training Camp

Toowoomba July 1st 2018

Cairns 4's Competition

Cairns Tobruk pool July 29th 2018

Juniors Training Camp

Cairns Tobruk pool September 28th 2018

Cairns Tobruk Pool Qld State Titles 

Cairns Tobruk pool September 29/30th 2018

Qld Elites/Women's/Master's T
raining Camp
November 3/4th 2018

National Championships - 9-13th January 2018 - Perth in September

The UWH National championships are being held in the Perth  HBF Stadium - selections for the QLD State Teams will be at the QLD State Titles